Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Harry Potter: The 10 Biggest Arguments, Ranked

Harry Potter is, for the most part, a delightful franchise about friendship. However, sometimes there were memorable heated arguments as well.

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Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

For the most part, the Harry Potter franchise brings a lot of positivity and happiness. This is why people return to the movies repeatedly, as they provide a sense of comfort, even though there’s darkness and adventure. However, a franchise that is built around the simple premise of good vs. evil is always going to feature arguments.

That’s certainly the case within these movies, as there are some memorable arguments from time to time. It isn’t always enemies that squabble either, as there are often people on the same sides that fall out too, with the movies really showcasing what real life is all about. But out of all the arguments within the magical world, which were the biggest?

10 Ron Doesn’t Believe Harry

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

When Harry Potter’s name comes up to compete in the Triwizard Cup in Goblet Of Fire, everybody is left stunned, none more so than Harry himself. However, while he knows that he didn’t put his own name into the cup, Ron doesn’t actually believe him, which leads to tension between them.

Ron argues with his friend in the Gryffindor common room, refusing to believe that Harry didn’t enter it. This leads to the two of them having a lengthy fight, which isn’t like them, making it stand out even more.

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9 Hagrid Unloads On The Dursleys

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

For the most part, Rubeus Hagrid is one of the kindest characters within the Harry Potter franchise. Always happy to help lend a hand and eager to put a smile on people’s faces, it’s rare to see him in an angry state or wanting to argue with anybody.

However, during his first appearance, that is how he comes across. When Hagrid heads to rescue Harry and take him to attend Hogwarts, he ends up in a huge argument with the Dursleys. He finds out they’ve lied about Lilly and James’ death, and when they make bad comments about Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid lets them know exactly how he feels.

8 Dobby Wants Harry To Be Safe

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Overall, Dobby and Harry Potter have a great friendship, with the elf acting like a guardian angel to the young wizard at times. This is particularly clear in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets when Dobby does everything in his power to stop Harry from attending Hogwarts.

He then works to try and get Harry expelled as well, and this leads to some heated arguments between them. Harry becomes frustrated with Dobby on multiple occasions throughout the movie, with the two of them becoming angry with each other before ultimately forming a close friendship

7 “I’ll Knock You Off Your Broom!”

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter have a very tense relationship across the franchise, being natural enemies throughout the movies. That kicks off right at the start when they are learning how to fly, which leads to them having an argument.

Draco ends up with Neville Longbottom’s remembrall, goading Harry to chase him to get it back. They argue and that becomes even more serious when they reach the heights of the sky where Harry even threatens to knock Draco off his broom.

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6 Harry & Seamus Fall Out

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Seamus Finnigan is often seen as a comedy character in the franchise, with things normally just exploding in his face. However, in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, it is Seamus and Harry’s friendship that blows up, with the two friends falling out in the Gryffindor common room.

Seamus lets out all of his thoughts on Harry, questioning him about claiming to have seen Lord Voldemort at the end of the Triwizard Tournament. He is very harsh on Harry, but he has no problem arguing back either, until Ron Weasley gets involved, stepping up for his friend.

5 Professor McGonagall Stands Up To Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Professor McGonagall is a strong character in Harry Potter and someone who happily speaks her mind when needed. She is firm, yet fair, and happy to give respect to anybody who treats her in the same way. However, one character she doesn’t see eye to eye with is Dolores Umbridge.

When she joins Hogwarts and begins punishing the students in a manner that feels more like torture than anything else, Professor McGonagall stands up to her. The two women go back and forth in an excellent argument while the students watch on, with neither woman wanting to let up.

4 Tense Occlumency Lessons

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Harry Potter and Professor Snape always have a difficult relationship throughout the franchise, and during the Occlumency lessons, this reaches a boiling point. Snape is trying his best to teach Harry to help him, but because of Harry’s mindset about him, he doesn’t manage to commit openly with him.

This leads to Harry actually going into his mind and uncovering negative moments from Snape’s childhood about Harry’s father. The whole scene is tense and while this isn’t a moment of screaming and shouting, the argument that they have is passionate and clear to see.

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3 Peter Pettigrew Is Exposed

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

Peter Pettigrew ends up being an important character, having a big impact on the darker side of the situation. But that doesn’t become clear until he is exposed after hiding and pretending to be Ron Weasley’s pet rat.

However, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are able to reveal the truth in what is an epic argument scene. The two men confront him and let their thoughts vent out against their former friend that betrayed Lilly and James Potter.

2 Ron Spoils Everything

Harry Potter The 10 Biggest Arguments Ranked

The Yule Ball is one of the most famous scenes from the Harry Potter franchise. Despite Hermione getting to dress up in a beautiful gown, the dance ends up being ruined for her by Ron Weasley. He decides to make comments to her about being with Viktor Krum, and things escalate to boiling point.

At the end of the night the two end up having a huge argument, and while it’s clear they wanted to be with each other, Hermione lets him know he’s spoiled it all. She ends up in tears and even screams at Harry, telling him to go to bed in anger at the situation.

1 Ron Leaves Harry & Hermione

Ron and Harry are the best of friends throughout this franchise, growing up together and spending all their time with each other to the point where they’re basically brothers. That’s what makes their argument in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part I so impactful.

On their search for Horcruxes, things end up getting intense between them, which leads to Ron walking away. After he wore a Horcrux all day, he snaps at Harry, with the two arguing in a tent which leaves Hermione in tears in a rare moment for them.

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