How Arrowverse Is Changing Batwings Origin (History & Powers Explained)

How Arrowverse Is Changing Batwing’s Origin (History & Powers Explained)

Batwoman season 2 will see Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox finally become the DC Comics superhero Batwing, but the Arrowverse is changing his origin story.

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How Arrowverse Is Changing Batwings Origin (History & Powers Explained)

Batwoman season 2 will see Luke Fox evolve into the DC Comics hero Batwing as the Arrowverse continues to flesh out its iteration of the Bat-Family. While Batman may not be around on a regular basis on any of the ongoing DC TV shows, many of his allies are present. Over on HBO Max’s Titans, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd have been principal characters as Robins, with the former now being Nightwing while the latter will become Red Hood in the third season. Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon will be joining Titans season 3, but that isn’t the only Bat-Family representation on the small screen.

In the Arrowverse, Batwoman has been another platform to focus on several Batman Family members from the DC Universe. While the show originally focused on Kate Kane, Ryan Wilder is the current protector of Gotham City, but she isn’t on her own. One of Ryan’s allies is Luke Fox, who helps Batwoman with her tech and much more. Despite playing a similar role to his father, Lucius Fox, Luke’s comic book counterpart is actually the superhero Batwing. Since Camrus Johnson’s character arrived in the Arrowverse, many have wondered when/if Batwoman would ever see Luke suit up as Batwing.

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Batwoman season 2 will be the season where Luke officially suits up as the tech-based superhero. However, like most Arrowverse superheroes and super-villains, Luke’s transformation into Batwing will be significantly different from the comics. So how does Luke become Batwing in the comics, how is the Arrowverse tackling his evolution on Batwoman, and are the changes good or bad for The CW drama?

Batwing’s Comics Origin & Powers Explained

How Arrowverse Is Changing Batwings Origin (History & Powers Explained)

Luke, created by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Eduardo Pansicaback in 2013, was actually not the first character to carry the Batwing mantle. Before Luke, David Zavimbe was DC’s Batwing as part of Batman Incorporated, being the Batman of Africa. Eventually, David decided to retire, and Bruce Wayne ended picking Luke to be his successor. Before that, Luke was always trying to get on Batman’s radar and prove his worth by taking part in MMA and cage fighting. Similar to his fellow Bat-Family members, Luke is not a metahuman and doesn’t have any superpowers.

Instead, Luke had the same brilliant technological engineering mind as Lucius Fox, with his father being the one to build his original Batwing suit. Since Luke is wearing an entire suit made of advanced technology, it gives him different capabilities than Batman. The suit’s most famous function is allowing him to fly at tremendous speed with a mechanical glider cape. Luke’s Batwing suit is also equipped with various gadgets and weaponry functions, including the ability to go invisible and stun his opponents. While that is the way the comics did Batwing, the Arrowverse will take things in a different direction on Batwoman.

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How Batwoman Is Changing Batwing’s Origin

How Arrowverse Is Changing Batwings Origin (History & Powers Explained)

Throughout Batwoman season 1, the Arrowverse drama established that in this universe, even after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lucius had been murdered after Tommy Elliot had put a hit on him – removing a potential key player from Luke’s comic lore, but allowing him to develop in other ways. Lucius’s death became something that followed Luke, even into the ongoing season where the storyline took a darker turn. After Russell Tavaroff shot Luke, he got stuck in limbo, where Bruce explained what his options were. Tavaroff is one of Luke’s enemies in the lore, operating as the super-villain called Menance. Unlike the Arrowverse iterations, however, Luke and Tavaroff were actually friends in the comics before becoming rivals.

Despite The CW drama not having the Dark Knight around regularly, Bruce still has some influence in Luke’s coming Batwing evolution. While it was a limbo-version of Bruce, he tried to encourage Luke to keep fighting the world’s inequalities. This seems like timely advice, too, as what is known about Luke’s Batwing debut is that he will be donning the suit in the season finale in order to join Batwoman in cleaning up a major impending mess in Gotham City. Based on the description, Luke will be the one to make the suit after overcoming “his own personal demons.” John Diggle also plays a pivotal role in Luke’s Batwing origins during his Gotham visit, by offering some words of wisdom to the future hero.

Why Arrowverse’s Batwing Changes Are Good

Given the significant differences already prevalent in the Arrowverse’s Batwing, it seems the show will be taking some liberties with Luke’s transformation. This is an understandable decision, however, as the show did also have to work around the fact that Batman isn’t around. Since Bruce is a crucial part of why Luke even wanted to join the Bat-Family in the comics, it makes sense to change it up for the TV iteration. At the same time, having Tavaroff introduced as an opposing force allows the Arrowverse to position someone from Luke’s rogue’s gallery.

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Despite how tragic and painful Luke’s origin story ended up being, it does set up a strong foundation that explains how and why this different version of the character decides to protect Gotham City. Since Luke was rescued and has started to see a purpose in his life again, he can honor Lucius by becoming a hero in his own right. It also marks an empowering storyline because unlike the comic, Luke won’t become Batwing because Bruce wanted to. It will be Luke’s own decision, that won’t include having to do something like cage fights in order to prove his worth to Batman. All this said, it is incredible just how many Bat-Family members are getting a chance to stand in the spotlight, from all the players on Titans to Batwoman as part of the Arrowverse.

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