Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was Live-Action

If Adult Swim’s iconic animated series Rick & Morty was a live-action show, who would be the best actors to take over the characters?

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Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Though the show is best known for its many pop culture references, Rick and Morty is also beloved for the wacky human characters. With many of them lacking basic social skills and the ability to think for themselves, it makes for some of the funniest scenarios and is the reason why it’s one of Dan Harmon’s best TV shows.

With the creators already working on the seventh season, somewhere down the line we may see an alternate universe in the show wherein all the characters are portrayed by real people. If South Park can do it then so can Rick and Morty, and if that ever happens, then these are the actors to cast.

9 Mr. President – Terry Crews

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Terry Crews has already played the President of the United States before, but it was in a very different manner, as he played the role in the criminally underrated dystopian comedy movie Idiocracy.

Though Rick and Morty’s take on the president is entirely different, Crews has the energy, the charisma, and the draw similar to Mr. President’s, and he is the best possible actor to bring Mr. President’s demanding and sometimes misguided demands to life.

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8 Summer – Erin Moriarty

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

With her breakthrough role in The Boys, which was one of the most-watched shows of 2020, Erin Moriarty has become one of the many young stars that have been showcased in the show.

Though she’s a little older than Summer’s age in the show, Moriarty still looks young and has a similar likeness to the character, and she has the ability to act naive while still being inquisitive about pretty much everything she comes in contact with.

7 Abradolph Lincler – Jon Hamm

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Unsurprisingly being a creation of Rick’s, Abradolph Lincler is an amalgam of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler, and the result is a train wreck of contradicting emotions and confusion. Though it’s a typically ridiculous R&M joke, it lands every time.

Though it’s one of the oddest compliments ever, Jon Hamm has an uncanny likeness to the Lincoln/Hitler amalgam, and as the actor has dived into comedies as of late with Tag and his Curb Your Enthusiasm appearance, he’d probably have a ton of fun with the role.

6 Mr. Goldenfold – Craig Robinson

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Craig Robinson is low-key one of the funniest character actors of the 21st century, as he not only played Darryl Philbin in The Office, but he also featured in Eastbound and Down and This Is The End, with the latter seeing him play an exaggerated version of himself.

Whenever Goldenfold crops up in the show, the results are weird, hilarious, and sometimes deeply disturbing, and Robinson is the gold standard of exactly that.

5 Jerry – Bob Odenkirk

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Generally known for all of the times he ruined everything, Jerry is a character who has disappointed his family on so many occasions and is almost completely passionless. His children don’t respect him and his wife doesn’t love him, and Jerry’s personality traits are Bob Odenkirk’s bread and butter, it’s what has earned him so many great dramatic roles.

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Whether it’s the criminal lawyer who makes mistake after mistake and eventually has to change his identity in Breaking Bad or a bumbling police officer who can’t even hold his gun properly in Fargo, Jerry could be a great addition to the dejected and insecure men in Odenkirk’s filmography.

4 Beth – Sarah Chalke

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Mostly used in the show to further the toxic relationship between her and Jerry, Beth is the only member of the family besides Rick who is completely independent and doesn’t need the help of anybody else. Though there are several actors who could get the job done, there’s nobody better than the woman who actually voices Beth, Sarah Chalke.

Chalke is not only the voice of Beth, but she also has a very similar likeness to the characters, with a slender figure and long blonde hair, and she’s no stranger to playing a doctor in a live-action sitcom, as she played Elliott Reid in the beloved Scrubs. And it’d be great to see her act alongside Odenkirk.

3 Birdperson – Michael Keaton

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Thanks to his speaking in the third person and having a complete lack of sense of humor, Birdperson is known for his hilariously dry quotes, and there’s nobody better to deliver them than Michael Keaton.

Keaton is no stranger to dressing up as a bird. In fact, it seems like those are the only types of roles he accepts, as he played the titular character in Birdman, played the villainous Vulture in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and he was even Batman, so why break tradition? But on top of the novelty of Keaton playing another bird character, he would genuinely do great at delivering Birdperson’s lines in a hilarious deadpan tone.

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2 Morty – Asa Butterfield

Recasting Rick & Morty If It Was LiveAction

Being one of the best characters voiced by Justin Roiland, the actor to take up the mantle has to be able to put on that wobbly, nervous voice and look scared at all times. Though Asa Butterfield might be quite a bit older than Morty’s age, he is incredibly young looking for his actual age.

Not only that, but he has proved time and again in the Netflix original series Sex Education that he can act scared, fragile, and socially inept. And just like Morty, he can be outgoing and brave when he absolutely has to be.

1 Rick – Nicolas Cage

Who else in Hollywood is perfect enough to pull off playing Rick Sanchez? Rick Sanchez is basically an amalgam of every character Cage has ever played, as he has the alcoholic tendencies of Ben in Leaving Las Vegas, the passion for adventure like his character in National Treasure, he is protective of his family like Big Daddy in Kick-Ass, and he has a nutty persona just like Nicolas Cage in real life.

Everybody would welcome seeing Cage running around in a lab coat with a portal gun in his hand. It’s the role Cage was born to play.

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