Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

Rick and Morty: The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

Rick & Morty is packed with hilarious quotes, but which are the best from season one?

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Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

Season 4 of the zany sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty is about to make its anticipated return, and what better way to get hyped than to take a look at some of the funniest moments from its past? Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s animated series started with a “big bang” with a first season packed full of laughs, action, and insanity.

We saw intelligent dogs, alien simulations, and even a Cronenberg mutation sweeping the entire human species. Given all the chaos and wackiness of Rick and Morty’s early adventures, it makes sense that many of the show’s funniest, most memorable quotes also took place in this epic debut season.

10 “It’s A Figure Of Speech, Morty! They’re Bureaucrats! I Don’t Respect Them!”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

The pilot episode of Rick and Morty sees the dynamic duo off on an interplanetary adventure to secure mega-seeds for the purpose of research. But naturally, things don’t go too smoothly. Rick coaxes his innocent grandson into a shootout with Galactic Federation guards by claiming “they’re just robots. It’s ok to shoot them!”

This prompts Morty to do exactly that, before seeing one gruesomely bleeding out while a fellow guard shouts to call his wife and children. His grandfather’s explanation regarding the term “robot” being a metaphor is classic cynical Rick.

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9 “You’re Really Playing With Fire When You Burst In Here Like That, Man.”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

Following their Plutonian journey, Jerry and Morty conclude their episode of bonding with this humorous quote. It’s set up amusingly by way of showing Morty’s closed laptop on his lap. Given the circumstances, viewers can certainly piece together just what it is Morty’s referring to when warning Jerry of his “playing with fire” by barging into his bedroom.

The fact that Morty keeps pressing the matter even after Jerry establishes that he gets it makes it all the more comical. But hey – as Morty has no-doubt learned in his adventures, you can never be too careful…

8 “It’s Just Called Two Brothers!”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

The onslaught of random situational gags in “Interdimensional Cable” has made this episode a fan favorite, and a particularly hilarious romp. The prominent improved dialogue only adds to the humor with its absurdity. One of the best bits comes in the form of an on-the-nose action movie spoof, which crams about two-dozen tropes into one insane trailer.

After rambling off a comically long, random title involving “alien tomatoes” and “Mexican Armadas,” the bit is capped off by tagging this action-packed film with the name “Two Brothers.” The off-script laughter and proclamation that “it’s just called two brothers!” is really the cherry on top of this comedy sundae.

7 “Scientifically, Traditions Are An Idiot Thing.”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

Another classic line from the memorable Pluto-centric episode kicks off in the opening scene when Rick is tinkering with his butter-serving bot.

Rick reminds us of his way with words through his clever rearrangement of Jerry’s line that “traditionally, science fairs are a father-son thing.” This harsh, misanthropic statement wrapped in wisdom is a great representation of this zany mad scientist.

Many of Rick’s best gems are his subtle, yet brutal digs at Jerry, who makes for a rather easy target.

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6 “I’m Coming Baby Legs! I’m…Regular Legs!”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

There’s much to find chuckle-worthy about this wacky spoof of a crime show featured on “Interdimensional Cable.” You’ve got the on-the-nose Starsky & Hutch tropes, the nonchalant improvisational exchanges, and of course, the silliness of detective Baby Legs.

What tends to be underappreciated, though, is the performance of cartoon voice-acting great, Rob Paulsen, who plays his “regular-legged” partner literally named “Regular Legs.”

Paulsen’s hesitant, borderline-confused tone as he utters this goofy line makes this already funny scene all the more amusing.

5 “We Will Get All Strokes Off His Game… When We Kill Him!”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

The poor Meeseeks… They were merely designed to pop into existence for a short while, seeking to fulfill the fairly basic requests of their users. In a sense, they represent a sort of small, bizarre capsule of humanity itself, and its growing frustration through a lack of fulfillment in life.

Unfortunately for some of them, they were tasked with completing a near-unachievable job for the “mediocre” Jerry Smith. The Meeseeks’ goal of shaving a couple of strokes off his golf game eventually drives these blue guys into a psychotic rage.

Seeing a violent mob of Meeseeks snap over a golf swing makes for a particularly funny situation that’s classic Roiland and Harmon zaniness. But what’s more amusing is that, technically, this lethal “solution” would fulfill their goal.

4 “Where Are My Testicles, Summer?”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

In an entertaining role-reversal between humanity and dogs, Morty’s potty-prone dog Snuffles – also known as Snowball – rapidly gains intelligence, even surpassing his owners. This is spurred by Rick’s brain-boosting helmet, which he fastens to the dog so that he can obey their commands.

This leap in intelligence then causes Snuffles to seek liberation and strength. This is comically exemplified with the neutered dog’s pressing question posed to Summer.

3 “The Milk People Don’t Have A Patent On Simple Rhetorical Questions!”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

For a man in marketing, Jerry Smith doesn’t seem to produce the most inspiring ad campaigns. At least – this is the case in the Matrix-esque episode “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” In it, Jerry seeks to pitch and showcase an overtly-simple slogan that somehow manages to be even simpler than the famed “Got Milk?” campaign.

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Jerry spends much of the episode obliviously stuck in a shoddy alien simulation, where he fights to make his case that his slogan is distinct from the milk campaign. The fact that Jerry feels he must establish his freedom to use rhetorical questions to defend his dull slogan is comical in all sorts of ways.

2 “What People Call ‘Love Is Just A Chemical Reaction That Compels Animals To Breed.”

Rick and Morty The Funniest Quotes From Season 1

Early in the memorable “Rick Potion #9,” Morty requests that Rick concoct a sort of “love potion” that will attract his crush Jessica to him. In typical Rick fashion, he responds with this brutal, sobering dose of reality. He then explains that this reaction always ends up “slowly fading” and implores his grandson to “break the cycle.”

Aside from being just plain funny in its nihilistic bluntness, it also makes for a great representation of this witty, yet dark character. Rick’s apparent “all-knowing” wisdom and awareness have clearly made him cynical.

1 “Nobody Exists On Purpose. Nobody Belongs Anywhere. Everybody’s Gonna Die. Come Watch TV.”

This quote really has it all. Sure, it’s a laugher with its huge implications and oddly comforting nature (in a roundabout way) with the cynical perspective it puts on things. Yet, it’s also a genuinely endearing line for Morty to tell his distraught sister.

On top of this, it’s a solid representation of the philosophical themes and tone of Rick and Morty as a whole. The fact that it’s impactful enough to sway Summer into running away from home gives it an extra sense of weight and makes it even funnier.

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