Star Wars Resistance TV Show Premieres In October; Character Art Revealed

Star Wars: Resistance TV Show Premieres In October; Character Art Revealed

Disney XD’s upcoming Star Wars: Resistance animated TV show will reportedly premiere in October 2018, with new art showcasing the lead characters.

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Disney XD’s upcoming Star Wars: Resistance animated series is reportedly slated to premiere this October, with a new piece of concept art showing off the TV show’s titular characters, including Captain Phasma. The animated show comes on the heels of Star Wars Rebels’ series finale earlier this year, taking the TV side of the Star Wars franchise into the time between the original and sequel trilogies.

First announced back in April, Star Wars: Resistance is perhaps the most highly anticipated animated series of the year. Set in the early days of the Resistance before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the show will be told from the viewpoint of Kazuda Xiono – a new character described as “a young pilot recruited to help spy on the First Order.” Gwendoline Christie and Oscar Isaac have been confirmed as being part of the regular supporting cast, lending their voices to Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron. The regular cast will also include BB-8.

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While official details regarding Star Wars: Resistance have yet to release, Disney’s recent event in France has shed some light on the new project, particularly that it will premiere in October. What’s more, one tweet shows off character art for the new series. Take a look:

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Star Wars Resistance Character Art Revealed | #starwarsresistance #lucasfilm #RDVDisney2018

.@DauvinPauline “#StarWarsResistance, la nouvelle série animée de #LucasFilm arrivera en octobre sur #DisneyXD. Une série résolument tournée vers l’action et l’humour avec la forte présence de #BB8 . ” #RDVDisney2018

The still artwork has a streamlined style not unlike that utilized in previous Star Wars animated series such as Forces of Destiny. This seems to contradict earlier reports, which suggested that Star Wars: Resistance would make use of an “anime-inspired style.” Granting that as a rather vague description and the wide variety of art styles that might be considered “anime-inspired”, it had been assumed that the show creators would be utilizing a more expressive style with big eyes, small mouths, and elongated bodies. The still artwork for Star Wars: Resistance looks quite compact and blocky by comparison.

It bears consideration, however, that the finished artwork could look quite different once it is in motion and that the still photo we see could be an test drawing rather than the final product. There is also little resemblance between the figures in the art preview and the cute little BB-8 seen in the title card for Star Wars: Resistance. Given that, it seems unwise to make any judgement calls until the first actual footage of the show is released. Hopefully, Star Wars fans will not have to wait a long time for such a preview to surface.

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