Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

Star Wars: Yoda’s 10 Best Non-Movie Quotes

Between The Clone Wars and Rebels, as well as some extended canon content, Yoda has added magnificently to his catalog of unique and wise quotes.

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Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

There are few characters in pop culture, never mind just Star Wars, that are as instantly recognizable and well known as Yoda. The mysterious and wise Jedi Master is a prominent figure in the Skywalker saga, providing the franchise with some of its most memorable scenes and quotes. Not every great line from Yoda, though, comes in the films.

Between his brilliant appearances in The Clone Wars and Rebels, as well as some extended canon content, Yoda has added magnificently to his catalog of unique and wise quotes, giving some of his best outside of the films.

10 “Disobeying The Council, Your Expertise Is.” – The Clone Wars Season 6 Episode 11 (“Voices”)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

One duo that fans do not get to see tons of – but one that often provides great quotes and moments – is Yoda and Anakin. In season 6, Yoda proves again that he has some comedy in him.

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Attempting to escape the Jedi Temple to go on his mission in the Force, Yoda enlists the help of the biggest rulebreaker in the Jedi Order, Anakin. It is a great little exchange between the two characters that may be embarrassing for Anakin but funny for audiences.

9 “Something More Precious Than Wealth Have I Brought You…” “…Wisdom.” – Star Wars 26 (2015)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

When fans think of Yoda, other than his physical appearance and unique formation of sentences, the first word that pops into their head is, more often than not, wisdom. For all his power and skill, wisdom is the attribute Yoda values most.

In the main Star Wars comic run, he announces as such when he arrives at the Flesh Monger’s lair. Yoda does not only have wisdom in abundance but values it above all else. To him, wealth supersedes any material item, and a wealth of knowledge can be far more helpful than wealth in a monetary sense.

8 “Padawan, Thousands Of Jedi Once There Were. Then Came War. In Our Arrogance, Joined The Conflict Swiftly We Did. Fear, Anger, Hate, Consumed By The Dark Side The Jedi Were.” – Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Episode 18 (“Shroud Of Darkness”)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

For all the criticisms of Yoda’s design in Rebels compared to The Clone Wars, there is no doubting the impact of his appearance and the quality of it in terms of the lines he delivers, advice he gives, and help he offers Ezra.

In “Shroud Of Darkness,” Yoda reveals to Ezra that the temptation of the dark side grabbed hold of the Jedi Order, even if they did not see it, feel it, or even believe it. He warns Ezra and gives him the typical sage wisdom Yoda is so known for. The two share a beautiful scene. The highlight of Yoda’s appearance in the episode is when he is not speaking at all, though, but interacting with Ahsoka.

7 “Ready He Is, To Teach An Apprentice. To Let Go Of His Pupil, A Greater Challenge This Will Be. Master This Skywalker Must.” – The Clone Wars (2008)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

One of the aspects of Ahsoka and Anakin’s wonderful relationship is that it appeared to start as a test for Anakin by the Jedi Council, illustrated by this great quote in The Clone Wars film.

While this may be another example of the Jedi Council not being great to Anakin, they were not wrong. Anakin was intelligent, skilled, and powerful enough to teach a Padawan but would struggle with the emotional aspect. That is precisely what happened, and this quote foreshadows that.

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6 “To Answer Power With Power, The Jedi Way This Is Not. In This War, A Danger There Is, Of Losing Who We Are.” – The Clone Wars Season 1 Episode 10 (“Lair Of Grievous”)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

Yoda’s reluctance regarding the war is a prominent aspect of the character through The Clone Wars and the prequel trilogy. One of his best lines showing such is this, in which he shows reservations about expanding the Jedi role beyond peacekeepers.

Yoda’s worries about the war and the Jedi role in it were right to exist; unfortunately, Yoda nor the other Jedi could uncover the truth in time, and the war ended up being the end of the Jedi forever. Despite criticisms of the Jedi of that era, there is no doubt Yoda did not want the war but believed it was, to an extent, necessary, as he did not yet know the truth.

5 “Hmm. In The End, Cowards Are Those Who Follow The Dark Side.” – The Clone Wars Season 1 Episode 1 (“Ambush”)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

The very first episode of The Clone Wars sees Yoda and a group of clones battling hordes of droids and stopping Asajj Ventress from forcing King Katuunko to join the Separatists, with great success.

At the end of the episode, Yoda easily handles Ventress and deems those on the dark side cowards. The idea that those on the dark side are cowards are taking the easy way out is something the subject of a couple of great Clone Wars quotes by others like Obi-Wan. It is always good to hear a Jedi like Yoda deem them as such.

4 “Mysterious The Force Remains To Many, And Misunderstood Those Who Use The Force Often Are.” – Age of Republic – Qui Gon Jinn 1 (2018)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

Qui-Gon Jinn is one of the very best Jedi in the canon despite his lack of on-screen appearances, and his unique ideology and outlook on the Force make for some fascinating conversations, including this one with Yoda.

Responding to Qui-Gon’s worries, Yoda states something fans are well aware of – the Force is mysterious. Even after forty years, fans have likely not scratched the surface of its spiritual meaning and full power. Yoda calling Force users misunderstood is an interesting idea with a lot of credence. The people of the Galaxy grew upset with the Jedi and eventually forgot about them despite the good they did and the tragedy they underwent. Despite earning some criticisms, did the Jedi really deserve to be hated?

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3 “Your Path You Must Decide.” – Star Wars: Rebels Season 1 Episode 1 (“Path Of The Jedi”)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

When Ezra first meets Yoda, it is not in physical form, rather vocally, on a more spiritual plane, akin to when Qui-Gon guided Yoda in the Force – of course, this instance was different since Yoda was not dead. It was another fantastic encounter between the two.

With Ezra unsure of what to do and what path to take, Yoda inspires confidence in the young Jedi by making sure he knows the choice is his. Nobody can choose his path for him, and nobody can take away that free will. He must be confident in his own decisions and go down the path he believes to be right, rather than weighing the pros and cons of every choice.

2 “See, See? Size Is Not Everything. Smaller In Number Are We, But Larger In Mind.” – The Clone Wars Season 1 Episode 1 (“Ambush”)

Star Wars Yoda’s 10 Best NonMovie Quotes

One of Yoda’s best original trilogy quotes is “Size matters not.” and in “Ambush,” he dives further into that idea, stating that size of stature nor size of group matter when the mind is far superior.

Yoda and the clones could not challenge the droids in a numbers battle but could outsmart them, use their minds to be the victors. It is another classic piece of wisdom that just sounds good coming from his iconic voice, even if the clones did not quite understand the eccentricity of the Jedi Grandmaster.

1 “No Longer Certain That One Ever Does Win A War, I Am…” – The Clone Wars Season 6 Episode 13 (“Sacrifice”)

Yoda’s journey in the Force in season 6 of The Clone Wars is one of the show’s best arcs, and undoubtedly Yoda’s best set of appearances in the show. This quote right at the end of the arc is not only Yoda’s best in the show, but one of his best ever.

The rest of the quote reads, “…For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed, already lost we have. Yet, open to us a path remains. That unknown to the Sith is. Through this path, victory we may yet find. Not victory in the Clone Wars, but victory for all time.” A truly wonderful piece of writing for Yoda, and one that sums up that era for him while inspiring hope for the future.

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