The Best Cryo Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

The Best Cryo Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

Cryo characters are some of the strongest units in the game. Here are the ones players should build based on what they need in Genshin Impact.

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The Best Cryo Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

With so many characters with different functions and abilities, deciding who to build in Genshin Impact can be daunting. However, Cryo characters tend to be some of the strongest units in the game, as Genshin Impact consistently releases new exciting and powerful Cryo characters for players to pull for.

While Cryo characters are known for being powerful units, players may want some guidance in deciding exactly which of the Cryo units they should build. Here’s which Cryo characters players should build based on which they have and what roles they need fulfilling.

Currently, there are 9 Cryo characters in the game: Eula, Ganyu, Kamisato Ayaka, Kaeya, Rosaria, Qiqi, Diona, Chongyun, and Aloy. In addition to these characters, the new Cryo 5-Star Shenhe is likely coming in the Version 2.4 update, meaning players interested in her should keep an eye out for when her kit is revealed.

Which Cryo Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

While all Cryo characters in the game as of now can be great party members in their own way, players likely don’t have the resources to build every character they pull. Most units are classified according to a Star rating, and this guide will try to focus on some of the best Cyro units. To help players out, here’s which Cryo character excels best in their role and which players should focus on.

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In terms of 5-Star units, it’s clear that Ganyu is not only the best Cryo 5-Star in the game but possibly the best Main DPS in the game period. Ganyu’s incredibly high Damage scaling, her ability to taunt, fire aimed shots with AoE DMG, and her AoE Cryo Elemental Burst, makes her a great addition to any party. Ganyu is not only known for dealing ridiculously high DMG numbers but also for being a great unit to set up Freeze compositions. Additionally, she’s a strong unit even with little investment, so any player with Ganyu should prioritize building her over any other unit.

In terms of 4-Star Units, players should choose who they build based on their team’s needs. For players looking for a Cryo Main DPS, Chongyun can fill that role. Paired with a Hydro unit like Xingqiu and a Pyro unit like Xiangling, players can use Chongyun to proc Elemental Reactions and deal decent damage constantly. For players looking for a Sub-DPS, Rosaria’s speed passive, ability to decrease enemies Physical resistance, and CRIT rate boost makes her a great choice.

In addition, while every player in the game has Kaeya, he shouldn’t be overlooked as a great Sub-DPS or Support option. When built as a DPS, he can do decent damage; however, most players will want to build him as a Cryo support with high Energy Recharge to use his Elemental Burst for Elemental Reactions constantly. Through this, Kaeya can be a perfect Support for any Freeze comp.

Finally, there are two dedicated Cryo healers in the game: Qiqi and Diona. Qiqi is a 5-Star unit, and her healing scales off her ATK. In addition, her C6 allows her Elemental Burst to revive the entire party and heal 50% of their health. However, most players would opt for the more accessible 4-Star Diona. Her abilities give the player a massive Elemental Mastery boost that can enable some of the strongest reactions in the game alongside her shield and healing.

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In terms of lore, character design, and abilities, Cryo characters tend to be some of the most exciting and powerful characters in the game, along with the Pyro element. As long as the player has at least a few well-built Cryo characters, they’ll be able to use them in various situations to make their time on the battlefield significantly easier.

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