The Flash Movie Every Batman Set Photo & Reveal So Far (Keaton & Affleck)

The Flash Movie: Every Batman Set Photo & Reveal So Far (Keaton & Affleck)

A rundown of every Batman set photo and reveal related to Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck that has emerged thus far for the upcoming Flash movie.

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The Flash Movie Every Batman Set Photo & Reveal So Far (Keaton & Affleck)

As The Flash continues production, there’s been a steady stream of set photos that reveal much about both Michael Keaton’s and Ben Affleck’s version of Batman. The long-gestating Flash movie finally began filming earlier this year, with Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster finally getting a solo outing following years of delays. The DC movie is highly anticipated not only due to its triumphant emergence from development hell but also due to the film’s return of Batman veteran Michael Keaton, alongside the DCEU Dark Knight in the form of Ben Affleck.

DC is looking to introduce the concept of the multiverse with the Flash movie – a concept Keaton himself found quite confusing – thereby allowing for Keaton’s appearance alongside Affleck. Both actors will be portraying Batman in the film, naturally leading to significant buzz around what might be DC’s most anticipated offering in years. Director Andy Muschietti has thus far remained fairly tight-lipped in terms of details about the movie, especially when it comes to how his two Bat-men fit into the picture. But as with all big-budget superhero movies these days, that hasn’t stopped the usual trickle of leaks making their way online.

In fact, there’s been some surprisingly candid set photos making the rounds, which so far have not only revealed Sasha Calle’s Supergirl suit in its entirety but have also provided a ton of Bat-related info. Alongside set photos of Keaton’s Batcave there have been shots of Affleck’s Batman and even confirmation of a beloved piece of Burton-era bat iconography appearing in the movie. Here are all the set photos and what they have revealed thus far.

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Affleck’s Suit And Batcycle

The Flash Movie Every Batman Set Photo & Reveal So Far (Keaton & Affleck)

In July of 2021, a video and emerging batch of Flash set photos provided a clear look at Batfleck’s costume. At this point, Affleck’s inclusion in the film was unconfirmed, making these shots significant in their seeming confirmation of his return to the role – even though the actor himself didn’t appear in the photos. Depicting a stunt driver cruising through what are presumably the streets of Gotham, both the video and subsequent photos revealed that Affleck’s Dark Knight would don a suit similar to his previous costumes in Zack Snyder’s various DCEU movies.

Yet, it was the Batcycle on which the stunt driver was seen that caused the biggest stir. Seemingly based on concept art produced for Zack Snyder’s Justice League which teased the inclusion of a hovering Batcycle, the vehicle in the photos clearly retains the aesthetic of the Snyderverse, sharing an unmistakable design language with the Affleck Batmobile – from which it also borrows the controversial heavy artillery. Unfortunately, the new Batcruiser appears to have been involved in two separate accidents on the set of The Flash, briefly bringing filming to a standstill. Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to have been any major injuries as a result of the incidents.

Keaton’s Batcave And Batmobile

The Flash Movie Every Batman Set Photo & Reveal So Far (Keaton & Affleck)

In what might have been the biggest leak thus far, the Keaton-era Batcave was revealed in set photos from early July which also provided a glimpse at the iconic Batmobile from 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns. It seems not a lot has changed since 1992, with the classic vehicle looking pretty much exactly as it did the last time it appeared on-screen. Parked on the familiar cylindrical platform from Burton’s films, the inclusion of this legendary movie car will no doubt go a long way towards appeasing fans of Keaton’s original outings.

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Otherwise, the photos appear to confirm that Andy Muschietti’s production designers have done a remarkably competent job of recreating Keaton’s Batcave. This could even be where the reportedly “great” first shot of Keaton’s Batman takes place. Constructed on a sizeable sound-stage, what looks to be an expanded version of the cavernous hideout last seen in 1992 is shown, complete with a previously unseen section built into the watery base of the cave. Alongside these leaked photos, a shot of an on-set monitor emerged appearing to show Ezra’s Barry Allen in the Batcave. It’s not all that surprising a development, but at the very least it’s now fairly obvious the film will feature some channeling of fan excitement as Miller marvels at Keaton’s impressive hideout.

Keaton’s Wayne Looks Sharp – And So Does His Car

The Flash Movie Every Batman Set Photo & Reveal So Far (Keaton & Affleck)

Donning what looks to be a subtle hairpiece, Keaton’s Bruce Wayne showed up in The Flash set photos taken in the London filming location. In what was the first clear look at the actor on-set since filming began, the shot seemingly confirmed Keaton will indeed be playing an older version of Wayne for at least some of the movie. While it could still be the case that Muschietti and co. will pull off some Marvel-esque CGI-wizardry to de-age Keaton and have Miller’s Flash return briefly to the Batman Returns era, that seems unlikely.

This first glimpse of Keaton’s Wayne in The Flash led some to speculate that the character would exist in a Batman Beyond-style future in which he operates from the Batcave to assist a younger, futuristic version of Batman. There’s no doubt that the hairpiece gives Keaton a similar look to the Wayne of the Batman Beyond animated series, but at this stage all the shot reveals is that the actor will be wearing a sharp suit and have a little more hair than he usually does.

In the same batch of set photos came several shots of what appeared to be Bruce Wayne’s everyday car. Far from being a modest little cruiser, the vehicle in question was in fact a Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet – a multi-million-dollar concept car that undoubtedly befits the character of Wayne. That particular model also befits Batman himself, sharing as it does a similarly elongated design to both the Burton-era Batmobile and the Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series.

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When filming for The Flash first got underway, it didn’t take long for the first unofficial photos to make their way online. This initial batch of set photos claimed to reveal Keaton’s Wayne Manor in the form of Burghley House in Lincolnshire, England. While the shots clearly depict Warner Bros. trucks on the grounds of the stately home, it remains unclear whether the location will be used for interior scenes or simply for establishing shots.

Still, the elegant Burghley certainly retains the unmistakably English style of Knebworth House which stood in as the original Wayne Manor from the 1989 Batman. Just how big a part in The Flash this version will have is yet to be confirmed, but it seems the film will at least feature the Keaton Wayne at his home in some capacity.

Keaton’s Bat-symbol

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Not quite a set photo but revealing nonetheless, this shot from director Muschietti gave audiences their first close-up view of the bloody Bat symbol from Keaton’s suit. Appearing to be from the version of the Batsuit worn in 1992’s Batman Returns, the symbol is shown complete with a bloodstain that seems reminiscent of the comedian’s button from Watchmen.

Of course, the original Flashpoint storyline from the comic books on which The Flash movie is based, eventually saw Batman find the button in the Batcave, setting off the events of “The Button” storyline and suggesting the possibility of a multiversal Watchmen crossover. Whether Muschietti was hinting at something similar with this photo remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt the resurgence of this iconic Batsuit – even in heavily-cropped form – helped increase hype for The Flash.

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