Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: How To Win As Robin

Robin is shaping up to be the most popular character choice in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. We’ll go over his best perks and how to play him effectively.

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Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Robin is probably going to be the main pick for most players in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, considering the team-based stealth game is focused on his titular legend. However, Robin is a tricky character to play, as his ranged skillset is harder to use than the melee weapon used by John (who is ideal for beginners, as a note). This guide will cover everything that you need to know to win heists as Robin in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Which Perks Are Best For Robin In Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Perks are passive bonuses that you can apply to each character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, allowing you to craft a unique build and get an advantage over your opponents. Here are the best perks to use as Robin.

Robin Perk Slot 1

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Robin is best played as a support character, meaning you should avoid carrying and winching the Chest when possible. Instead, use Robin’s natural speed and agility to roam the map, scouting for enemies and disrupting them from the shadows.

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The Reticent Recon perk buffs this playstyle, as your climbing speed will be increased. This allows you to climb ropes and ladders faster so that you can quickly move between vantage points. The Reticent Recon perk also increases the speed with which you capture points around the map, which allows you to quickly take spawn points back from the enemy team.

On top of the advantages above, Robin will also earn bonus XP for killing objective carriers with the Reticent Recon perk active, so you can level up faster. Reticent Recon is unlocked at level 2, so it is one of the earliest perks you will get as Robin.

Robin Perk Slot 2

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

There are two perks that are worth using in the second slot, so the choice should be determined by your skill. Bodkin Point is useful for those with poor accuracy, whilst Broadhead is an excellent advanced perk that allows your arrows to do more damage if you have good aim.

Bodkin Point increases the speed and range of charged arrows, so the time between firing your arrows and hitting the target will decrease. This is useful if you tend to have poor aim, or when attacking a moving target, as your arrow will travel faster. However, your arrows will always break on impact, so you will need to search for more of them regularly. Bodkin Point is unlocked at level 4.

Broadhead, on the other hand, increases the damage of your charged arrows whilst ensuring that they never break. However, this comes at a cost to your accuracy and the damage of quickfire shots. This perk is best when used by advanced players, as you can account for the accuracy loss and always hit your target with these powerful arrows. Broadhead is unlocked at level 10.

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Robin Perk Slot 3

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Robin’s ability allows you to fire an explosive arrow that deals damage to the surrounding area, which is excellent when fighting a group of players. The only downside is the delay before the arrow explodes, giving enemies the chance to escape before the explosion.

Elemental Arrow, a perk unlocked at level 9, improves Robin’s ability by making the arrow explode quicker than usual. This prevents enemies from escaping its blast, securing your team more time to escape with the chest.

Tips For Playing As Robin In Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Robin is an excellent disruptive stealth character, as he can quickly move through the map to scout ahead or ambush the enemy team.

Do You Need To Capture Points In Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Although capturing points isn’t essential for victory in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, it certainly helps. The capture points are each used as spawn locations. The team that owns a capture point is able to spawn there, allowing them to get back into the action quicker after dying.

When playing as Robin, you should focus on these capture points as you move through the map. With the Reticent Recon perk, you will capture them much faster than other players. You can quickly claim them from the enemy team, forcing your opponents to spawn on the edge of the map whilst giving your own teammates the opportunity to spawn closer to objectives.

What Is Robin’s Trait In Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

As a Ranger, Robin has the Scout trait. This makes your tagged targets last longer so you and your team can track enemies as they move towards objectives. Use this trait to your advantage by staying hidden as you flank enemies. Then you can mark them well before they arrive, giving your teammates a chance to prepare a deadly attack.

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When Should You Use Robin’s Ability In Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Win As Robin

Robin’s explosive arrow ability is a game-changer, allowing you to kill groups of enemies with ease. This is useful in both offensive and defensive strategies, but you won’t be able to use it all the time. As the ability has a long charge time, you need to use it in crucial moments.

Use Robin’s ability if the enemy team is securing objectives. If they are winching the chest to victory, a well-placed explosive arrow could prevent your opponents from winning. This will give you and your team a chance to start a counter-attack and potentially claim a surprise victory.

What Gear Does Robin Have In Hood: Outlaws And Legends?

Robin has a flash grenade that you can use to blind enemy players. This allows you to get away after being spotted, as you will have a few seconds to run from blinded enemies.

If you are using vantage points to stay away from enemies, the flash grenade is also an excellent disruptive weapon, as it will shock and confuse enemy players and give you chance to land a few arrows.

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