The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting a Pokemon Go expansion this year

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting a Pokemon Go expansion this year

A Pokemon Go expansion to the Trading Card Game is on its way. This new set will hit shelves at some point in ‘summer 2022’.

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Few details are available right now, but Pokemon Go’s official website notes that it will “feature cards themed after the popular mobile game”. We also have our first look at the Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go expansion packaging, which can be seen below.

More details will apparently be available soon, so fans shouldn’t have long to wait before finding out how the Pokemon Go TCG expansion will impact one of the best card games. However, the fact that PokeStops feature prominently on the cover would suggest they’ll play a part in any additional mechanics. Similarly, Professor Willow’s presence would imply he’ll appear as a card within the add-on.

Other possible changes to the Trading Card Game formula could revolve around unique Pokemon Go activities like Field Research, in which players undertake a task for a reward. Items like Stardust (that increases a Pokemon’s level in the mobile game) could also be introduced as a mechanic.

Either way, there should be something to suit long-term fans of either game here. We caught up with game director Atsushi Nagashima late last year in an interview on how the Pokemon TCG stays the very best (the best there ever was), and he discussed how important it is to the company that “people can enjoy the cards in their own way. And we are always adding changes, such as new mechanisms or artistic touches, to ensure that these different ways of having fun remain fresh and enjoyable”.

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The Pokemon Go expansion marks one of the first add-ons we’ve seen so far for the Pokemon Trading Card Game in 2022. Despite Pokemon Legends: Arceus landing at the end of January and smashing sales records in Japan, there hasn’t been a specific set dedicated to the video game just yet.

If you’re a new or lapsed player, be sure to check out our review of Pokemon Battle Academy – it’ll give you everything you need to get started. As for more tabletop action, check out this exclusive MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty card reveal.

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