These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

As the day of spooks and spectres draws near, let us celebrate the spooky scary skeletons of video games.

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These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

One of the spookiest images one can think of is the human skeleton, which is likely why it has become a trope in horror gaming. Throughout the years, gamers have seen many twisted takes on skeletons invade their screens, usually as tough-as-nails enemies or intimidating bosses. Below are some of the most horrifying skeletons ever seen in video games.

Gravelord Nito (Dark Souls)

These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

One of Dark Souls’ middle boss fights, Gravelord Nito rests in a giant coffin at the bottom of an eerie cave. A giant skeleton whose body is comprised of normal-sized skeletons, Gravelord Nito is scary in both appearance and physical ability. He has both close-up and ranged attacks, striking with a giant sword that can do considerable damage.

The giant wad of skeletons that comprises Gravelord Nito’s body is an image that is very memorable. Even though he’s considered to be one of the easier boss fights in Dark Souls, Gravelord Nito might be one of Dark Souls’ more iconic bosses for the fact that he’s made up of skeletons. Admittedly, Dark Souls has better-crafted boss fights, but the imagery and design of Gravelord Nito is something that won’t be forgotten.

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The Human Reaper (Mass Effect 2)

These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

Once again, the imagery is pervasive. One of Mass Effect 2’s many memorable moments came in the reveal of the human Reaper–a Reaper designed to look like a human with the power and force, if not more, of a Leviathan Reaper. And it all came in a giant, metal skeletal appearance.

Some hope is initially provided when the human Reaper is detached from an apparatus from which it hangs in the Collector Base. However, the hope swiftly dissolves, as the human Reaper finds its way back up, thus initiating one of Mass Effect 2’s most memorable encounters and one of the coolest skeletal boss fights ever.

T-Bone (Cuphead)

These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

Cuphead is a game centered on boss fights, and in a game where nearly every boss fight is memorable, one of the more iconic levels is likely Railroad Wrath, where players are forced to fight T-Bone, the skeletal train conductor with an attitude.

T-Bone searches back and forth for Cuphead and Mugman, moving his head from side to side as the two look for his arms when they are about to strike. From the most memorable section of Railroad Wrath, T-Bone’s large stature and fitting getup as a train conductor make T-Bone one spooky skeleton.

Dry Bones (Super Mario)

These Are The Spookiest And Scariest Skeletons In Gaming

Although considerably less spooky and scary than the previous skeletons in appearance, the Dry Bones enemies from the Super Mario series remain one of the most recognizable skeletons in gaming. Essentially a skeletal version of the Mario enemy known as the Koopa, these enemies are invincible in nearly every mainline Super Mario installment, perhaps making Dry Bones the scariest of all video game skeletons.

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Let’s not forget Dry Bowser – a skeletal version of Mario’s longtime arch-nemesis – either. While somehow not quite as invincible as the Dry Bones, Dry Bowser is far more intimidating in appearance and gives Bowser a vibe of immortality.

Stalfos (The Legend of Zelda)

Stalfos are a staple within The Legend of Zelda series as one of the spookiest enemy types of the games. They pack a considerable punch and actually have a fairly scary appearance, especially looking back at the Ocarina of Time version of them.

Stalfos are enemies within the Zelda series that generally carry a sword or two and strike Link with lethal blows. Their might is especially apparent in the final moments of Ocarina of Time, where Link is susceptible to death-by-Stalfos just before the final battle with Ganon. It is a truly scary experience.

Those are just some of the spookiest and scariest skeletons in gaming. So, what do you find to be the spookiest and scariest video game skeletons? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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