Universal Japan Will Announce Info About Super Nintendo World Tomorrow

Universal Japan Will Announce Info About Super Nintendo World Tomorrow

Universal Japan is set to unveil new information about Super Nintendo World.

You Are Reading :Universal Japan Will Announce Info About Super Nintendo World Tomorrow

Universal Japan has announced it will be unveiling some new information about Super Nintendo Land tomorrow. In a post on its Twitter account, the company confirmed it will be talking about new attractions and information regarding the park tomorrow at noon JST. Nothing concrete was confirmed, but we’ll likely get an opening date and know which attractions will be available on day one.

It’s been a long couple of years since Universal and Nintendo partnered up to create Super Nintendo World, but the wait is nearly over. With the park set to open sometime this year before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, we’re mere months away from finally being able to step foot in this Nintendo themed heaven. We still don’t know too much about what the park may have, but that is likely about to change.

The last bit of news we learned about Super Nintendo World confirmed that Mario Kart and Yoshi attractions would open alongside the tourist spot. Many have speculated how those will work, though it is probably easier to figure out Yoshi. This will probably be the requisite kid’s ride that is slower-paced and more of a relaxing jaunt than Mario Kart.

As for Mario Kart, the only thing I could imagine is bumper cars. The whole fun of that game is attacking your opponents to gain an advantage. With battle mode being possibly the most enjoyed aspect of that series, using some kind of NFC or digital technology to create virtual weapons would work well in a bumper car scenario.

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Still, this is all speculation based on what we know. Universal has been very tight-lipped about what the park will be like. There’s obviously a Nintendo theme and some kind of bracelet similar to what Disney World utilizes. That sounds pretty typical as far as modern theme parks go.

Thankfully, we’ll know more after tomorrow. It is unlikely we’ll get info about the US-based version, but with the Japanese park nearly here, it can’t be too much longer. Universal has the opportunity to create a real winner of a park, so I hope everything goes without issue.

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