Why Dragon Balls God of Destruction Wants Vegeta to Surpass Goku

Why Dragon Ball’s God of Destruction Wants Vegeta to Surpass Goku

Vegeta’s new powers are finally poised to surpass Goku’s latest transformation in Dragon Ball, but there’s a reason Beerus helped the Saiyan Prince.

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Why Dragon Balls God of Destruction Wants Vegeta to Surpass Goku

Warning: contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 73!

Dragon Ball Super just gave Vegeta the best chance he’s ever had at finally surpassing Goku, but only because Beerus the God of Destruction is rooting for him. The lazy feline deity is usually indifferent to the petty affairs of mere mortals (unless they have to do with food), but things just got personal, because now he has skin in the game.

Goku’s latest way to leave the Saiyan Prince in the dust is his ability to achieve Ultra Instinct during times of peril. Of course, Vegeta rejects the technique because Goku learned it first, but that means he needs to find an alternative that will give him the edge he so desires. In Dragon Ball Super chapter 73, Vegeta reveals a fiery new transformation that finally allows him to match Ultra Instinct, but he only harnessed this power because Beerus took a surprising interest in helping him get there.

While watching Goku continue to perfect Ultra Instinct with the Angel Whis, Vegeta starts conversing with a tired Beerus about the technique and how the gods have others at their disposal. It turns out, Beerus is similarly disdainful of Ultra Instinct, as it requires finding tranquility and calmness. He much prefers blowing things up, especially as Ultra Instinct is an Angel technique. Of course, Beerus won’t train Vegeta himself as it’s not in his “job description” to help out others, but Beerus welcomes Vegeta to follow him while he exercises and “steal” one of the many attacks he’ll wield during that time. Vegeta eventually chooses Beerus’ signature Destruction technique, turning his rivalry with Goku into a proxy competition between the Angels and the Gods of Destruction.

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Time passes as both Vegeta and Goku train, and they eventually receive a mission from a pair of mysterious aliens who are actually part of an elaborate plot to kill them. The mastermind behind this scheme is the Cerealian Granolah who wishes to eradicate all Saiyans for destroying his homeworld. Before leaving, Beerus gives Vegeta an accessory to attach to his earlobe that signifies he can now wield Destruction. Beerus then orders Vegeta, “Now get out there and prove that the Gods of Destruction’s signature move is stronger than Angel techniques.”

While a brief moment, it’s incredibly important when realizing how much Vegeta must have grown during his training. Beerus usually doesn’t get emotionally invested in such things, but if he considers Vegeta a proxy for the Gods of Destruction, it must mean that Vegeta’s ability to wield Destruction is absolutely flawless, and that his mastery of it has the potential to outshine Ultra Instinct. Beerus seems to want this desperately, implying that despite Vegeta’s hatred of taking instruction, the God of Destruction actually put enough effort into educating Vegeta that he became invested in the results and considers them a reflection on his own standing.

Beerus’ investment in Vegeta’s newfound power suggests the sheer scale of the transformation the Saiyan Prince now commands, but it also makes it clear why a God of Destruction has joined Dragon Ball Super’s legion of fans in wanting to see Vegeta outshine Goku, treating their rivalry as the new last word in deciding whether the Angels or the Gods of Destruction have the stronger techniques.

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