Why Star Wars Eclipses Jedi Have Different Lightsabers

Why Star Wars Eclipse’s Jedi Have Different Lightsabers

Star Wars Eclipse’s Jedi wield more than just blue and green lightsabers, as the Knights of the High Republic demonstrated greater individuality.

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Why Star Wars Eclipses Jedi Have Different Lightsabers

The Games Award 2021 released the official cinematic trailer of the upcoming High Republic-set Star Wars Eclipse, which provides a glimpse into an array of lightsaber colors and designs outside the familiar blue and green of the movies. Eclipse is currently in early development under Quantic Dream, and will be a decision-based action/adventure game set during the High Republic era, decades before the events of the Skywalker Saga. The game promises to introduce new planets and original characters to the Star Wars universe, and provide stories and endings that vary dramatically according to the player’s choice.

Eclipse is set during the High Republic, the era that precedes the events of the prequels by 200 years, and which has so far been detailed in various Star Wars novels and comics. During this era, the galaxy was largely at peace as the Sith had been gone for 800 years and the Outer Rim was being explored and brought into the Republic domain. This period is also known as the Golden Age of the Jedi, prior to the rise of Palpatine and the return of the Sith.

Four different lightsabers feature in the cinematic trailer: a blue saber and a green saber are being used in a training duel on a sunset-lit bridge at a Jedi outpost, and a close-up shot of a yellow saber and a blue saber turning on gives more detail on their form. The golden-yellow lightsaber (a color most memorably seen on screen with Rey) features a curved handle like Count Dooku’s, while the blue saber has a more cylindrical, straight handle. Jedi in Eclipse will have different lightsabers than those seen in the Star Wars movies, just like in LucasArts classic Star Wars games like Jedi Academy, as the Order of the High Republic possessed lightsabers much more varied in design and color than just blue and green. This reflects the flexibility of the Jedi Order at the time, not yet under the same dogmatic sensibilities that the Jedi Order of the Clone Wars possessed. In short, the number of lightsabers on display in the High Republic are reflective of the diverse interpretations of the Force held by the Jedi of this era.

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Eclipse’s High Republic Jedi Are More Expressive Than The Prequels’

Jedi build their own lightsabers, which adds to the individuality of the weapon. When graduating to Padawan, Younglings take part in ‘The Gathering’ ritual in which they travel to the planet Ilum to search for and select a Kyber crystal, the main component of a lightsaber, as was depicted in Jedi: Fallen Order. The crystal is theirs and theirs alone, as they use the Force to listen and select the crystal that calls out to them. An intense period of meditation and the intricate building of the weapon follows in which a bond is established between the crystal and the saber’s wielder, after which the lightsaber can be switched on to reveal its true color.

The variation in lightsaber color and form of the Jedi in Star Wars Eclipse reflects the open-mindedness of the High Republic Jedi and their own individuality. Choices are at the heart of the game, which will hopefully translate to weapon customization. Considering the tradition of lightsaber creation, if players can choose to play as a Jedi in Star Wars Eclipse, it’s possible they may be able to customize aspects of their very own saber within the various styles of the High Republic.

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