15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Now that everyone has had a bit of time to let Wonder Woman sink in, we’d love some answers to questions left unresolved by the film.

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15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman burst into theaters June 2nd, giving the DCEU the win that it was in desperate need of by surpassing the expectations of fans and critics alike. The film boasted a cohesive narrative, a wonderful ensemble cast, delightful humor, and Gal Gadot, who is the embodiment of the titular Amazon princess. Gadot and Chris Pine had undeniable chemistry and their romance unfolded organically, never feeling contrived.

It was a film directed by a woman, starring a woman, but not made only for women. Patty Jenkins managed to often avoid the male gaze so typical in superhero films, but still understood that it is possible to be both sexy and empowered. Themyscira was brought to life and its inhabitants were some of the most awesome characters we’ve seen in any film of the genre thus far, DC or Marvel. The fight scenes were well choreographed and didn’t rely too heavily on CGI – except for that final battle, but that’s a minor complaint.

If you’ve seen Wonder Woman, you undoubtedly have some lingering queries. There was a fair amount of exposition, a ton of action and enough left open ended for a sequel or three. Now that we’ve all had a little time to think, here are 15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman.

15 Is Ares really dead?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Throughout Wonder Woman’s long comic book history, Ares has been one of her greatest foes; the literal embodiment of everything that she fights against. Although Mars, the Roman god of war, was an early antagonist of Diana’s, Ares, from the Greek pantheon, didn’t show up until the ‘80s. Portrayed by David Thewlis in the film, Ares was hiding in plain sight as British politician, Sir Patrick Morgan, ostensibly working on a peace agreement that he knows will never hold.

Although Diana seemingly destroyed Ares in the film, is it really that easy to kill the god of war? The movie cleverly paid tribute to Diana’s original “made of clay” origin, using it as a story told by her mother. However, it was the New 52 reboot of Diana as the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta that was the true basis of her existence in the film. Diana may be a demigod, but Ares is an actual god, so would she truly have been able to completely destroy him?

Plus, it’s not as though mankind chilled out at all in his absence – see every other war since WWI – so perhaps he was never truly gone. It’s entirely possible that we haven’t seen the last of Ares.

14 Are there any other surviving gods?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

The Greek pantheon has always been known for having a history drenched in blood and the DCEU versions are no exception. After the gods came to the aid of the Amazons, helping them to break free from mankind’s enslavement, an enraged Ares killed off every single one of them. Finally Zeus stepped in for a final smack down with his progeny and created Themyscira with his dying breath.

So, the question is, was Ares the only god to survive this epic battle? Killing a god is probably difficult – although Diana kind of made it look easy. Perhaps they are not as dead as Ares believed. If he had continued to pull mankind’s strings for all these years, maybe he wasn’t the only one. A world in which the gods somehow survived would certainly make for more interesting ties to Wonder Woman’s mythology.

13 Does Diana ever return to Themyscira?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

When Diana leaves Themyscira, Hippolyta tells her that she may never be able to return. What is the reason for this? Is she forbidden to return after choosing to leave? Would she never be able to find her way back once she was gone? Whatever the reasons for her being possibly unable come home, we’d love to know if she ever actually makes it back.

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Now that Diana finally knows the truth of her parentage, she no doubt has some serious questions for her mother. Aside from that, Themyscira is the only home that Diana has ever known. Its inhabitants have been her family for her entire life. She must at least want to return, even if just to see them again. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if she ever gets the chance.

Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright have already been confirmed to reprise their roles as Hippolyta and Antiope, respectively, in Justice League. Presumably Antiope’s involvement means that we will be seeing them in flashbacks, but perhaps we will see Diana return home as well.

12 What happened to Doctor Poison?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Played by Elena Anaya, Doctor Poison was created in 1942 and like Wonder Woman, came from the minds of William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter. Princess Maru made her first appearance in Sensation Comics #2 with a dastardly plan to contaminate the U.S. Army’s water supply with Reverso, a drug that compels people to do the opposite of what they are told.

When we last saw Doctor Poison in the film, Ares was attempting to prove to Diana that humanity wasn’t worth saving and that she should begin their alliance by killing Maru. Diana remained unconvinced and Doctor Poison escaped. So, where did she go?

Although Patty Jenkins hasn’t officially signed on for the Wonder Woman sequel, she has hinted that it will take place in the present time, so it would seem that Maru would be dead by that point… unless one of her concoctions managed to give her an unnaturally long life. Either way, we’re curious to know what became of the good doctor.

11 If Diana was the God Killer all along, what’s with the sword?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Interestingly, this seemingly all-important weapon is not intrinsic to Wonder Woman’s mythology. In fact, the God Killer sword made its first appearance in Deathstroke #7 just two years ago. Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmiths – also fire and volcanoes – forged the sword. The Deathstroke story did lead to a team up between him and Diana, but she wasn’t even the one to wield the weapon.

While tweaking the sword’s origin for the film makes perfect sense, the question is why all the fuss about it if Diana was actually the God Killer? The sword is prominently on display and its legend is known to all of the Amazons. It couldn’t have been that special, though. Ares destroyed it instantly.

Was it all just an elaborate ruse to keep Diana from finding out about her true identity? This seems a pretty long con just to keep her in the dark. It is, however, the simplest explanation.

10 What’s the story behind her armor?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

On display with the legendary sword was Wonder Woman’s trademark outfit, or at least, the DCEU version of it. Although the original intent behind the garment was to display patriotism, this has since been retconned, which makes sense, since Diana’s allegiance doesn’t solely belong to the U.S. Besides, the film version of Wonder Woman’s classic star-spangled getup is decidedly less All-American anyway.

So, why exactly was the armor on display? It could somehow go hand in hand with the fictitious legend of the God Killer. Perhaps, the armor was made specifically for Diana without her knowledge. In the comics, one of the newer origins of Diana’s outfit is it was reminiscent of the night that she was born: a red hunter’s moon, a blue starry night, and an eagle breastplate to honor Athena.

Whatever its backstory, there has to be something about the armor that makes it special enough to be prominently displayed. Perhaps the answer to that will be revealed in future installments.

9 What exactly is the blue stuff?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman had a not so convincing red herring in the form of General Ludendorff, played by Danny Huston, as the man that Diana was sure must be Ares. She was incorrect, but no one wept when she killed the wrong man. Ludendorff had it coming anyway.

Throughout the film, Ludendorff was inhaling some sort of blue, strength-enhancing toxin created by Doctor Poison. So what exactly is the gas that Maru gave him? It kind of felt out of place in the film. What if that’s because it was one of the very few elements connecting Wonder Woman to the rest of the DCEU?

One of the more popular theories gaining traction is that this blue toxin is an early form of the Venom formula that gives Bane his Roid Rage super-strength. This is an interesting idea. There is very little tying Wonder Woman to the other DCEU movies. Perhaps this does just that.

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Maru did escape to create poisons another day, so maybe her legacy will be that of the woman who made Bane unbeatable.

8 Did Diana stay in London with the squad?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

As far as supporting characters go, Wonder Woman gave us a whole lot more to work with than previous DCEU installments. Saïd Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, and Eugene Brave Rock as Sameer, Charlie, and the Chief, respectively, made up quite the lovable rag-tag group of misfits. They were diverse, well-rounded characters who added to, rather than detracted from, the story. In fact, they were so awesome that it’s easy to wonder what became of them after the movie’s final battle.

Steve Trevor was gone, but Diana had developed a pretty close bond with this squad, so did she remain in London with them for a while? We don’t yet know when or why she turned her back on mankind, but it’s difficult to believe that she would just abandon these guys. With the sequel possibly taking place in the present, it’s probable that the surviving photograph is all the info we’re likely to get.

7 What is Diana’s current job at the Louvre?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

When Diana receives the suitcase from Bruce at the beginning of the film, she is in what appears to be her own office at the Louvre. She is surrounded by glass cases full of weaponry, so it’s entirely possible that Diana is some sort of curator.

Diana is more than her power set. She is brilliant and would be overqualified for most positions. After all, she’d have about a hundred years to bone up on just about any field. By the time the 21st century rolled around, Diana had seen two World Wars. She’s obviously a weapons expert and has a deeper understanding of history than most, having lived through so much of it.

That being said, we’d love know what exactly her current job is. Here’s hoping Justice League will answer that question.

6 How much does Bruce Wayne know?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has very little connecting it to the larger DCEU, but the film’s bookend scenes of Diana at the Louvre do just that. Throughout Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana is desperately trying to chase down an old photograph of herself. However, it isn’t until Diana’s solo outing that we learn the context behind the photo. In the beginning of the film, she receives a package from Wayne Enterprises containing the very picture that she had been searching for. There is a note enclosed that says, “This photograph isn’t just yours. It is you. I hope you tell me your story someday.”

Bruce, being the world’s greatest detective, obviously knows more than Diana might like. The note implies that he hasn’t put all the pieces together, but what exactly does he know? This question will probably be answered in Justice League.

One thing that is certain is that the polite tone of Bruce’s note is in stark contrast to his previous interactions with Diana. They are forging a relationship that will most certainly factor into her joining the League.

5 Will Diana get another romantic subplot in future films?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

One of the larger mistakes often made in superhero films is the continuous need for the lead to have a romantic relationship. This is oft times unnecessary and detracts from the larger narrative with a subplot that no one really needed. Steve Trevor wasn’t that. Aside from the palpable chemistry between Pine and Gadot, there is the simple fact that Steve Trevor is the lens that the audience views Wonder Woman through. He is also a man worthy of Diana. Steve not only understood that she was no damsel in distress, but was unthreatened by her strength as well. It’s also worth noting that he was a hero in his own right.

Although Steve is assumed dead, we didn’t actually see him die. Even if there was a parachute and he found his way to safety, unless the sequel takes place in the past, we probably won’t be seeing him again. So, the question becomes, where will Diana go from there?

The animated JL series sometimes implied that Diana and Bruce had feelings for one another, so that could be an interesting direction to go in. Or Diana could stay single!

4 What source material will the Wonder Woman sequel draw on?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

Although Wonder Woman was a new story, it definitely drew inspiration from the New 52, as well as the original run from Marston and Peter. Will the sequel adapt a particular storyline from the comics or will it be mostly written from scratch? If it’s a more original story, what source material will the writers draw from this time?

There have been plenty of creators who certainly knew how to write and draw Diana better than others. She has had a long and sometimes painfully misunderstood history in comics. However, Wonder Wonder also had some truly amazing runs from the likes of George Perez, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, and Brian Azzarello.

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There are plenty of incredible stories to choose from. We’ll just have to wait and see which direction the writers decide go in.

3 Why did Diana abandon humanity?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

The Diana that we met in Batman v Superman is drastically different from Diana in Wonder Woman. The latter is naïve to a fault, believing above all else that people are inherently good. It is this naiveté, in part, that makes her such a refreshing hero for the DCEU. She hasn’t become disillusioned with humanity, she isn’t driven by vengeance and she isn’t concerned about what mankind thinks of her.

However, the Diana in Dawn of Justice is dressed as a civilian, making every effort to protect her secret identity and claims to have walked away from mankind a hundred years prior. At Wonder Woman’s end, Diana was still very much an idealist and it was love that ultimately enabled her to defeat Ares. So the question is, what exactly made Diana turn her back on us in the first place?

Perhaps it was the realization that killing off Ares didn’t actually end war. Maybe she decided that not all people were worth saving. Whatever the reason, Diana would’ve had to hang up her lasso not too long after WWI ended. We just don’t know why she did.

2 What did she do during that time?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

In Dawn of Justice, Diana tells Bruce that “men made a world where standing together is impossible.” So, she retreated from the public eye and spent the next hundred years doing what exactly? That’s a long time not only to remain a civilian, but also to protect both the secrets of her identity and her immortality. It’s also a huge block of time left unaccounted for.

Diana obviously has many talents outside of being a superhero, so the possibilities as to what she may have been doing really are endless. She has her job at the Louvre, but the fact that she doesn’t age means that she wouldn’t have been able to stay there for too long, or anywhere for that matter. If she managed to return to Themyscira, that would certainly be one way to make sense of her extended absence. It’s also difficult to believe that Diana would’ve been able to resist helping people, whether she was wearing a costume or not.

If the Wonder Woman sequel does indeed take place in the present, we may not get answers to these questions any time soon. Hopefully, we’ll at least be treated to a flashback or two.

1 Will we see more female led superhero films now?

15 Burning Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

It’s crazy that after eight Batman films, six Superman movies and one which starred both, Wonder Woman is the first film in either the DCEU or MCU that put faith in a female hero. We’ve had fifteen MCU films with five more still on the way before Carol Danvers even makes her big screen debut.

Past failures like Elektra or Catwoman have made studios lose faith in female led superhero films, which is unfair, since those movies were just plain bad. No one lost faith in all male superhero movies after Daredevil or Batman & Robin.

People were debating whether or not Wonder Woman could carry a film instead of considering that there was absolutely no good reason why she couldn’t. A great superhero film needs an excellent writer, a brilliant director and perfectly cast star. Wonder Woman boasted all three, plus a heroine who was not only fascinating, but also inspiring.

Now that Wonder Woman has surpassed all expectations, will we finally see more female fronted superhero movies? Wonder Woman was created to smash the patriarchy from her very inception, so it’s appropriate that she be the one to pave the way for an entirely new kind of film. Hopefully, Hollywood is paying attention.

What questions do you have after seeing Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments!

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