Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

Rick and Morty: Summer’s 10 Best Quotes

Summer Smith tends to be one of the lesser appreciated characters on Rick and Morty so this list will highlight some of her most hilarious quotes.

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Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

Summer Smith tends to be one of the lesser appreciated characters on Rick and Morty. Her desire to be popular, preoccupation with her phone, and her having to deal with a dysfunctional family make her fairly relatable. She can be friendly and joyful, but also a tad cynical and narcissistic at times, not unlike her grandfather. Adventures typically revolve around Rick and his grandson, while Jerry often adds to the show’s humor with his naive ways. In this midst of this, Morty’s sister tends to get a bit overshadowed. Yet, many of the Rick and Morty adventures she tags along in end up being some of the most entertaining. This is thanks, in part, to her amusing one-liners, smack-talking, and sarcastic banter.

With this list, we’ll highlight 10 of Summer’s funniest and most memorable quotes.

10 “Ok… But Not Because You Told Me To”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

Following the recent divorce of their parents, Morty and Summer take on a particularly unique means of coping. Their outlet? Embarking on a Mad Max post-apocalyptic journey with their grandfather and laying down some pain. In the case of Summer, part of this entails ending the life of the Death Stalker leader without a second thought.

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Summer goes full-blown antihero by not only shooting the leader of this tribe but making it clear that she’s taking him out on her accord – not from his request. This action on Summer’s part is all the more amusing given how out of character it is.

9 “I Want The Police To Take Me!”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

Summer has a relationship with her young, occasionally aloof mother that’s both endearing, and at times, comedic. During the Smiths’ clash with a slew of colorful memory-warping parasites, Summer dredges up a bad memory she has in relation to her mother. This verifies that Beth is, in fact, human. As fans likely expect, this entails a wine-related incident in which Summer gets inadvertently decked with a bottle.

She then voices her displeasure in a way that’s almost comical with how frustrated and borderline desperate her tone is. But hey, credit to Beth – at least she tried to cover up the bruise with makeup.

8 “At Least The Devil Has A Job!”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

One unique episode of the show’s first season seems to take a dash of Stephen King and The Twilight Zone with its premise. In it, Summer ends up working for the devil himself, who sells trinkets that bless its owners with a power or gift while also giving a paradoxical curse that renders said power basically useless.

Summer’s kindness and sense of loyalty are prominent to a fault in this episode. In it, she amusingly argues the merits of the devil’s legitimacy and decency over her grandfather based on the fact that he’s working.

7 “Losers Look Stuff Up While The Rest Of Us Are Carpin’ All Them Diems.”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

Rick and Morty is rife with humorous back-and-forth banter. Many of these come from conversations between Morty and his sister, and their ongoing sibling rivalry throughout the series. This particularly crops up when in the presence of Rick, who they seek to impress – usually to no avail.

After Morty calls out Summer by keeping her phone ringer on and endangering their mission, Summer responds with this “zinger. It can loosely be described as a play on words from the Latin phrase for “seize the day.” It’s nonsensical, but somehow, it works. Rick’s swift, nonchalant high five of approval following this line really caps it off nicely, too.

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6 “No Wonder You’re Constantly Fighting With Eachother And Behind Schedule”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

There have been ongoing rumors surrounding writing room squabbles between Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and the Rick and Morty writers while conceiving various episodes. Assuming there’s some validity to it – it’s only natural, given the long hours likely spent brainstorming a typically nuanced show.

During the season 3 episode, “Morty’s Mind Blowers,” Summer comically breaks the fourth wall with a subtle easter egg of a gag that only Rick and Morty diehards are likely to pick up. Though the line is directed at a squabbling Rick and Morty, it also serves as a “wink-wink” nod of acknowledgment to the rumors regarding the writers’ room.

5 “You’re Holding Me Verbally Hostage.”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

One of Summer’s most appealing qualities is her zingers typically stemming from sarcastic remarks. The often oblivious, naive Jerry naturally makes for a great target for these verbal “mic drops,” as the kids say…

In this scene, Jerry’s seeking to bond with his daughter in his typical awkward, incompetent way. Summer then calls out the absurdity in her father trying to coax a dialogue via basic “yes” or “no” questions. This humorous exchange is made all the funnier by way of how relatable it is. Poor Jerry – at least he gave it a shot, even if it was a weak attempt…

4 “Give A Gun To The Lady That Got Pregnant With Me Too Early And Constantly Makes It Our Problem.”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

The bizarre, memorable episode “Total Rickall” runs with a premise loosely modeled off the mind-bending plot of Total Recall, which toys with the idea of implanted memories that feel real. In the show, it’s soon established that parasites can be sniffed out through their lack of negative memories with the Smiths.

With this clever line, Summer turns a simple request into a long-winded critique of her mother. Beth’s response of “thank you, sweetie,” makes it all the more hilarious.

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3 “B****, My Generation Get Traumatized For Breakfast.”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

The Episode, “The ABCs of Beth” may not quite be a fan favorite, but it provides some funny and endearing moments for both Summer and her mom.

While watching a true crime show, Beth mentions to her daughter that she had been traumatized and that her generation wouldn’t get that. Summer responds with this line, which can really be considered a “roundabout” comeback at best. Sometimes a quote can simply stand on the strength of how absurd it is. This is definitely the case when it comes to this funny exchange between Summer and Beth, who clearly have a humorous chemistry together.

2 “I Didn’t Know Freedom Meant People Doing Stuff That Sucks.”

Rick and Morty Summers 10 Best Quotes

Summer gets a harsh dose of reality when attempting to free the minds of an alien people controlled by a single hivemind, provoking a fight over race and trivial physical features. Though her heart is, of course, in the right place, her attempt at alien liberation from Unity spurs and all-out race war.

With a sort of amusingly cynical acknowledgment, she then apologizes to one of the millions of “Unitys” with this line. She then caps this off by adding “I was thinking of a more choose your own cell carrier” type thing, giving a clever approximation of what she was shooting for.

1 “You’re Not The Cause Of Your Parents’ Misery, You’re Just A Symptom Of It.”

One can’t help but feel for Summer at times. After all, it’s made clear that Beth and Jerry had her at a very young age in which they still had some growing up to do. Summer often gets reminders of this lack of parental preparation. One such example is the episode, “Interdimensional Cable.” Amidst the slew of random, wacky TV shows, viewers are shown a B plot delving into the dysfunctional dynamic of Morty and Summer’s parents.

While Morty tries to comfort his sister and put things in perspective for her, she chimes in with this remark, which manages to be heavy and funny in one measure.

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