Wonder Woman 1984 Japanese Trailer Shows Dianas Golden Armor In Action

Wonder Woman 1984 Japanese Trailer Shows Diana’s Golden Armor In Action

A new Japanese trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 features Diana wearing her Golden Eagle Armor in multiple scenes throughout the video.

You Are Reading :Wonder Woman 1984 Japanese Trailer Shows Dianas Golden Armor In Action

Fans of Diana Prince are able to see her golden armor in all its glory in a newly released Wonder Woman 1984 Japanese trailer. Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel to the 2017 film Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is set to star once again in the titular role and trailers have revealed that Steve Trevor is somehow back from the dead as well.

DC fans have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means they’ll need to be patient for a while longer. While the film was originally scheduled for a June premiere date, it was delayed first until August and then October due to the pandemic. Late last week, DC executives announced that Wonder Woman 1984 would be pushed back once again, this time until Christmas Day.

Despite this disappointing news, a newly uploaded Wonder Woman 1984 Japanese trailer shows the Amazon princess in action in her golden armor. The trailer opens with Diana harnessing lightning and flying through the air, before landing on the ground in her golden suit of protective armor, which only leaves her face exposed. The rest of the trailer shows scenes that will be familiar to U.S. trailer viewers, including a shot of Steve Trevor’s framed photograph and Diana facing off against Cheetah. You can catch the gorgeous trailer below:

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While Diana wears her golden armor within the first few seconds of the trailer, the suit actually makes a second appearance in the video. More specifically, the golden armor appears again near the end of the trailer as well, with the wings fully visible. Although the golden armor is different than Diana’s regular costume, it’s actually the Golden Eagle Armor and made its first appearance in the 1990 miniseries Elseworlds: Kingdom Come. While comics show that Diana usually only dons the Golden Eagle Armor for incredibly dangerous opponents—including Imperiex and Devastation—the true power of the armor remains to be seen in the DCEU.

Trailers have shown that Diana is certainly in for an adventure in Wonder Woman 1984, from encountering Maxwell Lord and his harnessed power of the Dreamstone to reuniting with Steve Trevor. It’s certainly a frustrating realization for fans to know that they’ll have to wait until December to put together the puzzle pieces from the trailers, but the cast and crew have promised that the film is well worth the wait. That being said, it looks like fans will have plenty to do leading up to the release of Wonder Woman 1984, especially in dissecting new trailers from all over the world for hidden clues prior to Christmas Day.

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