Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide: Every New & Returning Character

Doom Patrol season 3 sees the return of a lot of familiar faces from the first two seasons. However, it also sees even more new ones join the cast.

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Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

With Doom Patrol returning for season 3 and the cast list expanding it can be hard to keep track of all the characters, both old and new. Season 3 is drawing on the full range of the “Doom Patrol” comics for their new characters and including some deep dives into comic lore. On top of that, the show reaches outside of “Doom Patrol” to even include some characters who first appeared in Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” comics.

Doom Patrol season 3 will see the return of many faces that are familiar from both seasons 1 and 2 but also introduces a whole raft of new heroes and villains. These include members of the Brotherhood of Evil, the Sisterhood of Dada, and the Dead Boy Detectives. Doom Patrol’s latest season picks up right where season 2 left off with the heroes encased in wax and Dorothy having been snatched into a fire by Candlemaker as Niles watched in horror.

The break between the storylines of Doom Patrol season 2 and season 3 is a little blurred owing to a production issue. Problems related to COVID-19 shut down filming before they could film the final planned episode of season 2, meaning the season-ending echoed the end of Titans season 1 and ended on more of a cliffhanger for Doom Patrol than intended. As a result, some characters are key to the very beginning of season 3 as the season 2 storyline is wrapped up, while others will be more important later. Here are the key returning and new Doom Patrol cast members.

Brendan Fraser As Cliff Steele

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Brendan Fraser returns for Doom Patrol season 3 as Cliff Steele (AKA Robotman), a racecar driver who was in a deadly car crash and ended up with his brain being implanted inside a metal suit. Fraser became famous playing the titular role in George of the Jungle and as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy at the turn of the century. Brendan Fraser has been absent from Hollywood for a long time but is making a big comeback with upcoming productions like The Whale and Killers of the Flower Moon. Fraser appears as Cliff in flashbacks and provides the voice for Robotman, with Riley Shanahan providing Robotman’s physical presence.

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Diane Guerrero As Jane

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Jane suffers from dissociative identity disorder and every one of her alters exhibits its own superpower when necessary (and convenient). Diane Guerrero is returning for season 3 as the primary Jane alongside several of the actors who portray her alters. Guerrero previously appeared as Maritza Ramos in Orange Is The New Black and as Lina in Jane the Virgin.

April Bowlby As Rita Farr

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

April Bowlby continues to play Rita Farr, an actress who suffered an accident that left her body able to drastically change shape, unfortunately often favoring the shape of a blob. As she gains control of her powers, she edges closer towards her Doom Patrol destiny as Elasti-Girl. Prior to Doom Patrol, Bowlby had a long-standing role as Stacy Barrett in Drop Dead Diva as well as recurring roles in multiple other TV shows including How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Larry Trainor was a pilot who, during a test flight into space, encountered the Negative Spirit who took up residence in his body providing him an extended life but also making him extremely radioactive. Trainor is voiced by (and played by in visions and flashbacks) Matt Bomer who appeared as Donovan in American Horror Story season 5, “Hotel,” and as McCoy Whitman in Will & Grace. Trainor’s physical appearance in his irradiated form is played by Matthew Zuk.

Jovian Wade As Victor Stone/Cyborg

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

The final member to join this iteration of the Doom Patrol, Cyborg’s Victor Stone was seriously wounded in an explosion that killed his mother. However, his father, Silas Stone, was on hand to save his life with cybernetic enhancements turning him into the superhero Cyborg. Jovian Wade returns for the role in Doom Patrol season 3. Wade played Jordan Johnson in the British soap opera EastEnders and Isaiah in The First Purge.

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Timothy Dalton As Niles Caulder

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Dr. Niles Caulder (AKA The Chief) is responsible for the creation of the Doom Patrol, both as a team and in the individual creation of their powers. He is the one cast member who was recast between the group’s appearances in Titans and the Doom Patrol show. After being regularly absent in season 1, Timothy Dalton reprised the role in season 2 and appears in season 3 for the conclusion of the previous storyline. Arguably the biggest name to appear in the show, Timothy Dalton previously played James Bond in The Living Daylights and License to Kill and he also appeared in the British comedy Hot Fuzz as supermarket mogul Simon Skinner.

Abi Monterey As Dorothy Spinner

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Dorothy Spinner, Niles Caulder’s daughter, was kept locked away on Danny the Street for almost a century for fear that her powers would bring about the apocalypse. Dorothy was central to the second season with the cliffhanger ending being based around the appearance of Candlemaker seemingly signaling the impending end of all times. Abi Monterey will be returning to play Dorothy to conclude the season 2 storyline in her first major on-screen role.

Mark Sheppard As Willoughby Kipling

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

Mark Sheppard appears in Doom Patrol season 3 reprising his earlier role as Willoughby Kipling, a chaos magician who has worked with Niles in the past and regularly chastises the Doom Patrol for their ignorance in the face of danger. Willoughby was alongside the Doom Patrol at the end of season 2 and was also encased in wax, but also plays a larger role in season 3. Mark Sheppard is known for his appearances as Badger in the sci-fi western cult classic Firefly, Romo Lampkin in Battlestar Galactica, and Crowley in Supernatural.

Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast Guide Every New & Returning Character

The first new character to Doom Patrol season 3 played a large role in the show’s trailer: Michelle Gomez joins the cast as Madame Rouge. In the comics, Madame Rouge is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil who has been given superpowers by the head of the group, The Brain, to be a foil for Elasti-Girl. Ultimately, she causes the death of both the Brotherhood and the Doom Patrol themselves. Introduced as an ally to the Doom Patrol, Michelle Gomez is better known for her villainous roles having portrayed Missy in Doctor Who, Mary Wardwell/Madam Satan in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Miranda Croft in The Flight Attendant.

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Doom Patrol Supporting Cast

Lex Lang as Candlemaker – Lang reprises his role as Dorothy’s “imaginary” friend. Lang has previously done extensive voice acting work for TV, film, and video games.

Stephen Murphy as Garguax – An alien who has historically pit himself as a villain against the Doom Patrol and allied himself with the Brotherhood of Evil. Murphy played Missing Fingers in 68 Whiskey.

Anita Kalathara as Sleepwalk – A part of the Sisterhood of Dada, Sleepwalk (AKA Holly McKenzie) has superpowers but only when she’s asleep. Kalathara is best known as the voice of Laguna Tidepool in TrollsTopia.

Gina Hiraizumi as The Quiz – Also a member of the Sisterhood of Dada, The Quiz possesses every power that her opponent has not thought of. Hiraizumi is known for playing Maile on Hawaii Five-O.

Wynn Everett as The Fog – Shelley Byron is another Sisterhood of Dada member who has the power to become a cloud of fog that absorbs the soul of anyone it touches. Wynn Everett appeared in Marvel’s Agent Carter as Whitney Frost.

Miles Mussenden as Frenzy – A fourth member of the Sisterhood of Dada, Frenzy was born with bicycle parts growing from his back. Miles Mussenden played Otis Johnson in Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.

Ty Tennant as Edwin Payne – Edwin Payne was murdered in 1916 but that hasn’t stopped him from investigating crimes as part of the Dead Boy Detectives, who originally appeared in Gaiman’s “Sandman.” Tennant plays Tom Gresham in the TV show War of the Worlds.

Sebastian Croft as Charles Rowland – Murdered, but not until 1990, Croft joins Payne in his detective agency. Croft made a name for himself by playing a young Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.

Madalyn Horcher as Crystal Palace – The only living member of the Dead Boys Detective Agency, Palace is a medium and skilled with technology. Horcher played Chloe Solano in Gracepoint and Seargeant Leach in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

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