Fortnite How to Eliminate Doctor Doom (Week 1 Challenge)

Fortnite: How to Eliminate Doctor Doom (Week 1 Challenge)

Doctor Doom is a hidden boss in Fortnite season 4. This guide will help players eliminate him to complete the week 1 challenge of the game.

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Fortnite How to Eliminate Doctor Doom (Week 1 Challenge)

Players are required to eliminate Doctor Doom for a weekly challenge in Fortnite. This guide will help players locate and defeat him. This season of Fortnite is a unique one since the entire season is dedicated to everything Marvel Comics. Players can unlock skins, sprays emotes, and challenges celebrating various heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. The entire battle pass will unlock characters like Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, and many more as they work together for the Nexus Wars. Like with other seasons, players will need to complete certain weekly challenges to net the most experience to level up. Here’s how players can complete week 1’s challenge of eliminating Doctor Doom in Fortnite.

Doctor Doom is known as one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe. He is mainly known as being the main antagonist of the Fantastic Four but has also crossed paths with the Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, and more. His electric abilities have been known to be a massive threat to the safety of Earth. In Fortnite, he has an unlockable skin once the player reaches level 67. He is cited as the Eternal ruler of Latveria and is also a boss in this season. Here’s how players can eliminate him in the game.

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How To Eliminate Doctor Doom in Fortnite Season 4

In order to find Doctor Doom, the player will need to have purchased this season’s battle pass. Once this is done, head over to Doom’s Domain on the map. The goal for this challenge is that the player will need to eliminate Doctor Doom 3 different times. Doctor Doom will wander around the area, attacking any player that may approach him. He also only spawns once per game, meaning that once he’s gone, the player will have to wait until the next game to try again. It is recommended to try this challenge later on since it’s likely many other players will rush to this location for the challenge, making it harder to complete. All players have to do to eliminate him is to fire at him until he is defeated. Avoid his green laser attack and the player should be fine.

The interesting thing about this season is it is confirmed that the content is canon to Marvel Comics. Meaning the events that take place in Fortnite may be mentioned in a comic in the future. It’s such a strange but exciting collaboration for the battle royale title. It’s an excellent way to bring in comic book fans but also satisfy those who are fans of the Marvel films as well. This is one of the biggest crossovers in gaming this generation.

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